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Our work process is designed in a certain way to ensure that the clients are obtaining products that prove to be of great value for the money they invested. From the allocation of the right factory to the inspection of the operational unit, its sample examination, and the quality control, the experts at Asianconn oversee each step and carefully observe the procedure to maintain high standards.

Asianconn empowers the companies from all over the world in procuring Chinese goods, products, components, assembled or sub-assembled goods. With the help of our defined working methodology, we have shaped a first class procurement and sourcing process, which aids us in delivering products that offer nothing but value to clients.

Upon contact, you will be required to inform us of all your needs and requirements. We analyse your project to determine its feasibility and reach towards an agreement regarding the cost, raw material, and the skills required for the development of your product.

The next step requires us to find a capable manufacturer. Although there are many experienced manufacturers working in partnership with us, we will examine and evaluate their capabilities thoroughly to single out a factory that possesses the required expertise to work as per your requirements.

With the allocation of the right manufacturer, Asianconn will initiate the development of the first sample of the product for the approval of the client. Upon completion, the sample will be delivered to you for the review and acceptance.

After your approval, the manufacturer will initiate the mass production of your project to deliver on time. A dedicated team oversees the manufacturing process to manage the monitoring and controlling protocols and ensures timely consignment.

During the production, we make the quality inspection at the same time. Our QC team will visit the manufacturer time by time, to inspect the product’s quality to ensure that it is up to your standard. The quality control team ascertains quality for every consignment.

To deliver desirable results, the experts discuss the logistics matters with the clients in detail. Furthermore, we will inquire how the clients want their products to be delivered to them, what kind of safety packaging they prefer, and which mode of shipment they would like to use.

The best thing about Asianconn is that we take care of all legal and required paperwork and fulfil all the requirements.  Also, our support team proposes customised quotes for every client who comes to us for sourcing requirements.

The final shipment is delivered in the given time frame to the clients after making sure that everything falls into the right place and final product perfectly complements the requirement of a client.