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China is considered a “World Factory” in the international business arena for a reason. Asianconn provides an opportunity for investors to bank on strategic sourcing solutions in China. We streamline our protocols for the production, logistics and quality assurance to deliver value-added components as well as retail products.

Quality Assurance

We establish alliances with different organisations with credible suppliers to ascertain quality. Our procurement and sourcing solutions follow certain standards. From maintenance of in-house quality control protocols to the sample confirmation, we prioritise quality throughout the process.

Supply Chain Management

An efficient supply chain management plan is the cornerstone of a successful venture. To make it possible for businesses to wield the power of low-cost procurement, we have proposed an efficient supply chain management plan.

Increased ROI

The primary objective behind the buyers is to cut the production cost to a minimum while increasing the revenue at the same time. The productivity is enhanced by focusing on time-benefit and cost-benefit analysis of every project assigned to suppliers.

Business Sustainability

The deliverance of service solution is not our only forte; our experts contribute towards the sustainability by boosting triple bottom line. The components and retail products sourced from this platform are a combination of three things: High quality, low cost, and perceived value.

Competitive Advantage

Getting components and products from highly developed manufacturing unit can help an organisation gain a competitive edge over its competitors since risk is minimised this way and the cost is considerably reduced.

Reliable Sourcing

Our association with a super big network of quality suppliers and extensive knowledge of local business landscape helps us to provide reliable procurement services to the organisations in a large number of areas.

Risk Management

Our targeted procedure helps organisations to comply with corporate social responsibility, international corruption legislation, and applicable regulations. The organisations can source products from China with peace of mind since we take the risk away from the strategic sourcing ventures.