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Small businesses are the most active organisations in our world. They are creative, responsive and exciting. Such as Amazon & eBay sellers, local businesses, etc. They make our world more interesting. As a sourcing agent, Asianconn is glad to grow with them together.

Asianconn has developed this business line – ESSTM (Express Sourcing Service) to provide the local & online businesses with the excellent sourcing services. We yearn to treat these businesses with the dedication and sincerity that is shown towards the bigger clients. Through ESS, the customers can place small orders for express deliveries from us.

Asianconn is unarguably a reliable partner for all clients’ procurement, and sourcing needs whether they are running a small business or just stepping into online arena as a startup. Asianconn can understand their needs, assess their requirements and deliver the results!

Feel free to contact our procurement experts today for a pricing quotation if you wish to get the most out of your small business via our ESS.