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Who We Are

Asianconn is an international procurement agency based in China. We specialise in assisting global clients purchase from China. We believe in creating a long-term collaborative relationship to open up new possibilities of growth. We have been seeking to be the bridge between global purchasers and top Chinese suppliers.

Being a low-cost manufacturing hub, China is an ideal destination to procure goods. Asianconn hires local highly educated experts leveraging their expertise, knowledge and multilingual skills to clients’ China sourcing strategy. Our far-reaching procurement solutions effectively empower customers to launch value-based products and increase profitability.

Globalization Background

The previous era dramatically enhanced the global integration, expanding the geographic footprint of companies all over the world.  The technological innovations amplified the reach of businesses, turning the world into global village. China’s accession to World Trade Organization proved to be a game changer in 2001 and China came forward as a “World Factory” as a result of globalisation.

An export-driven GDP is an evidence of China’s success as a leading procurer across the globe. China is set to supply the whole world because of its cheap and reliable labour pool, active business ecosystem and low production cost. We understand that the companies that look forward to increasing revenue by exploiting procurement solutions face many challenges. The challenges such as quality assurance, supply chain management, and business sustainability can easily be addressed by choosing Asianconn as a partner.

Our Business

Asianconn provides global companies with an opportunity to use the services for Chinese suppliers sourcing, manufacturing inspection, price negotiation, sample development, quality control, international logistics, etc. We provide procurement outsourcing, contract manufacturing and product development services for small & medium-sized enterprises.

As a leading sourcing service provider, our roadmap starts with a mission to act responsibly on behalf of our clients. We envision redefining the quality standards in the international arena by the deliverance of services based on trust, transparency and professional ethics.

Our clients trust our strategic solutions because of our deep-rooted relationship with the credible suppliers in the local market. If you wish to discuss your procurement requirements with our consultants, please contact us.